HAPHousing Homes


For 40 years, HAPHousing has provided affordable housing for our region, including single-family homes that create important homeownership opportunities for local families.

HAPHousing currently has no homes fo sale

If you have any questions, please email Melphy Antuna at mantuna@haphousing.org.

As the largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing in Western Massachusetts, HAPHousing has built a number of beautiful, affordable homes. Our homes allow qualified buyers to become homeowners for about the same cost of a monthly rental payment. New homes are also outfitted with Energy Star heating systems and appliances. 



Homebuyer Qualification Requirements:


  • Must be a first-time homebuyer
  • Must be pre-approved by a local financial institution
  • Must meet HAPHousing income guidelines

To view a video that includes remarks from someone who bought a HAPHousing home, click here.

Want additional information on how you can prepare yourself for homeownership? Click here to find out more about our Homebuyer Counseling services and workshops.