Rental Support Programs
Help Local Families (and Your Business!)

We’re looking for a few good landlords who want to build their rental income AND make a meaningful difference in the community.

HAPHousing partners with landlords in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties to provide time-limited rental support for local families who are homeless or at high risk of homelessness. These rapid-rehousing intiatives combine time-limited rental support (3-18 months) with substantial case management, job placement, education and stabilization support for families. The ultimate goal is for both the family and the landlord to achieve the benefits of a long-term, stable tenancy.

For local landlords, partnership with HAPHousing offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in the community while also gaining these significant advantages:


  • Capture more income by renting vacant units
  • Rent at market rates with a guaranteed portion paid directly by HAPHousing for a limited period of time (3-18 months)
  • Gain a good, long-term tenant if both parties choose to renew the lease
  • Conduct normal credit and other screening checks
  • Obtain a standard security deposit and first and last month’s rent
  • Obtain family background information from HAPHousing to the extent we legally can share this information
  • Obtain the timely assistance of an assigned Housing Specialist if there are any problems with the family not paying their portion of the rent or violating the terms of the lease
  • Accept referrals on a case-by-case basis with no restriction on eviction proceedings if needed and no ongoing obligation to take additional tenants.













How Time-Limited Rental Support Programs Work
Rental agreements are written directly with the tenants, who are responsible for their portion of monthly payments. HAPHousing Specialists provide 18 months of stabilization services, assisting families with budgeting, employment and income maximization, paying rent regularly, and becoming financially self-sufficient.

  • Rental support length varies – 3 to 18 months
  • Lease is between tenant and landlord
  • Rent reasonableness requirements apply
  • HAPHousing provides rental stipend portion of rent
  • Direct deposit required
  • Proactive involvement by HAPHousing staff
  • Inspection requirements vary; program requirements usually include meeting federal Housing Quality Standards (HQS)


Role of the Housing Specialist
As a participating landlord, you will have ready access to the specific Housing Specialist assigned to your tenant. This specialist will be on call throughout the week to provide support to your tenants and to work proactively with you to solve any problems that arise.

To learn more about participating in HAPHousing rapid re-housing programs, email HAPHousing’s Leasing Coordinator or call 413-233-1769.