Resources on Legal Responsibilities
for Rental Property Owners

NEW JANUARY 3, 2013  -- Governor Patrick signs bill which allows victims of domestic violence and sexual crimes to break their leases for safety reasons.

Laws that Govern the Rental Relationship


  • "Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In," 2nd Ed., R. Fisher, W. Ury & B. Patton, Penguin Books, 1991. A guide to successful dispute resolution.

  • Legal Tactics: Tenants’ Rights in Massachusetts, 6th Ed., A.R. Duke (Ed.), 2005, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Boston, 99 Chuancy Street, Suite 500, Boston, MA 02111-1703. This has been the basic reference for tenants and tenant advocates since 1971. Easy to read; forms and citations of relevant laws included.

  • Property Management for Massachusetts Rental Owners, 5th Ed., H.J. Fisher, 2005, HAP Inc., 322 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01105. (413) 233-1500. This has been the basic reference for rental property owners and managers for 30+ years.  Easy to read; forms (in hard copy and on CD) and citations of relevant laws included.

  • "The Successful Landlord," Mass. Rental Housing Association, 278 Washington Street, # 341, Boston, MA 02108-4610. A guide for landlords.

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